We are so pleased you’re viewing our events page.  If you’re having a party or celebration of any kind we would be happy and honored to tailor your event.  Our favorite music to perform are all the great sounds of the 70’s and 80’s including the 60’s and some present day music.  Theme parties are also big fun! If you want to host a celebration highlighting a particular decade, we would be delighted to hear your ideas and help you create something wonderful.


We look forward to making your event special.

We kindly request you contact us three weeks prior to the event with your ideas, so that we may accommodate you.

Contact us at:






  1. Love your music, my dears, and obviously, sincel I sold five of your CDs, I ain’t the only one!

    Soooo, send me five more please. (Hey, do I get a commission for this? Or a visit to the Treasure Coast some time in the future? Or even a hug — which would entail a visit… LOL)? Sheesh, I don’t get no respect around here… no respect at all for the aged.

  2. Looks and sounds great! First track is awesome, love the harmonies…excited to hear more! Wonderful to see this coming together!!!

    John and Aundrea

  3. Hey I know, let’s keep how great you guys sound a secret so nobody will know.
    Oh wait, now that I think about it, that would be crazy. You guys sound excellent! Let’s tell everybody.

    • Michael P Kelly

      Ok….I am the driver for Dave’s limo.
      How r u doing? Fine I hope. I was trying to fine the upcoming event for may. My email is listed. Please give me the date and time.
      Thanks in advance.

      Ps..c u soon

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